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Five things you need to know before starting your business in Sub-Saharan Africa … Sub-Saharan Africa seldom leaves foreigners indifferent and trust is a long way to build…

Interacting efficiently with your business partners abroad and reaching people from another culture require more than sharing your expertise in a common language…

I met Eugene Ohu when I was an expatriate in Lagos, Nigeria. As a specialist in cross-cultural management and communication, I asked him to explain how he perceived Nigerian culture and management style in Nigeria …

Could the cultural factor among other factors influence the way Moroccans build business with their foreign partners ? Is there a Moroccan business style ?

Expatriating means much more than taking one’s luggage, locking one’s door, taking a plane and landing in a new place to start a new function the next day.

Expatriation is a professional and life project that requires motivation, reflection, preparation and involvement.

Women Abroad Particulier

Towards the emergence of young female managers exposed to foreign cultures as part of a professional assignment abroad.

two women sitting beside table and talking

How do you communicate with your teams or with colleagues who are locked down in another country? or … Where’s Waldo?

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