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“Women Abroad guides you as you seek to comprehend the personal and professional changes that a woman may face when taking up a position abroad.”

Françoise – Founder – Modern Nomad for 25 years

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How do they communicate effectively with their teams, negotiate with a local partner, develop their leadership style?

Women Abroad provides coaching for managers working abroad to help them cope with cultural diversity. In order to achieve results and develop their potential!

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How do you make the most of your potential abroad? 

How do you communicate effectively with your team, your colleagues and your superiors there? How do you carve out a niche for yourself and create trust?

Women Abroad offers modules adapted to your situation to build your career and your identity as a woman abroad with equanimity. To grow with confidence and make the most of your potential.

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Over the past five years, I have helped many women to develop abroad

We’re pleased to work with a high level professional coach like Francoise who both reassures and gives useful insight to students who have a traineeship and deeply human experience in Africa.

Michael Robert – Head of International Relations at Helb-Haute Ecole Libre de Bruxelles Ilya Prigogine

As a life and career coach, Françoise is extraordinarily available, introspective, supportive and resourceful, bringing out the best in people and enabling them with the right environment to highlight and develop their talents and skills, in a thoughtful and purposeful manner… »

Vladiana Apetroaie – Blogger and eLearning Developer

She facilitated my cultural training in preparation for my expatriation to Sierra Leone. The training offered me the requisite insight needed to work seamlessly with team members from other cultures as well as what to expect living and working in Sierra Leone.

Gordon Nwasiwe – Master Brewer & OpCo Am Brewing Lead – Nigerian Breweries Plc.

Françoise’s program for cross-cultural management improvement is really fitting expats and exports managers needs a brilliant way ! Her approach spots the situations they have to face working, living, managing and performing in different cultures and with team members of different cultures.”

Patrick Colot – Administrateur de sociétés – TEC-MA


Françoise Falisse

Modern Nomad for 25 years

As an ICF-certified coach, consultant and trainer, I help women embarking upon a career to adapt and communicate effectively in an international environment. At the same time, I inspire them to develop their own human and professional potential as women.

Having been a Modern Nomad for 25 years, I have created intercultural coaching and training modules for women embarking upon a career abroad and for companies wishing to offer their managers and teams abroad an opportunity to comprehend cultural diversity.

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My most recent encounters and articles

#15 Sofia Busquets de Mexico à la réalisation de films à Rome

Sofia sait ce que signifie être une enfant de la troisième culture. Même si s’intégrer dans d’autres pays demande de réels efforts d’adaptation, elle y a développé une conscience d’être une étrangère quelque part mais aussi une personne unique. c’est la voix qu’elle aimerait faire entendre comme réalisatrice de films. 

#14 Amelia Rönnblom around the globe

Amelia est suédoise et navigue à travers le monde en tant que Premier Officier sur des navires de croisière. Elle nous explique son travail à bord du navire et la gestion de son équipe multiculturelle mais aussi son engagement auprès de Girl Gone International.

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