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Develop your team’s leadership and intercultural management abilities!

Women Abroad offers packages adapted to the needs of managers and business leaders wishing to achieve results in a multicultural environment abroad, to interact with their teams and make the most of their potential.

Women managers

Develop your intercultural abilities

Embarking upon a career abroad

Are you a woman embarking upon a career abroad who would like to develop her intercultural management abilities? 

Managers abroad

Are you a firm that would like to support your managers and your teams as they adapt to a new culture, so as to ensure that their actions produce efficient and viable results?

Women Abroad offers you four modules adapted to the needs of your firm.

Particulier Women Abroad Coaching


Adapting Abroad - 12h

Module 1 - Cross-Cultural Initiator program

Module 2 - Cross-Cultural Adjustment program

Module 3 - Cross-Cultural and Self-development Program


Managing Abroad - 12h

Module 1 - Effectiveness program

Module 2 - Team Work Effectiveness program

Module 3 - Change Navigator program


Women Abroad - 8h/14h

Module 1 - Cross-Cultural Initiator program

Module 2 - Cross-Cultural and Self-development Program

Module 3 - Women Abroad Situation. Choose one option from among four situations

Coaching One&One

One to one Life & Executive coaching

Individual coaching sessions to help you find solutions to a current problem that suit all personal or professional situations in a multicultural environment.

Adapting Abroad - 12h

Adapting to a new context can take time. Preparing for departure and breaking the adaptation process down into various stages provides reassurance and increases effectiveness. 

Module 1

Cross-Cultural Initiator program - 4h

Going abroad on an assignment can sometimes seem like landing on a new planet! Understanding the various aspects of a new culture makes it easier to become aware of cultural differences and put your own culture into perspective. 

L'objectif will be to develop cultural awareness of a country.

Module 2

Cross-Cultural Adjustment program - 4h

It is not enough simply to understand the culture of a country in order to carve out a niche in the professional world there! How does understanding the cultural orientations at the workplace enable people to adapt to them more skillfully?

L'objectif will be to create trust in a multicultural/foreign professional environment.

Module 3

Cross-Cultural and Self-development Program - 4h

Experiencing cultural changes can prove somewhat of a challenge as it overturns the way we see reality and interact with others. How can self-knowledge bring better acceptance of change, help people adapt better to others and to new situations?

The aim will be to promote self-discovery, put things in perspective and encourage interaction in an international professional environment.

Managing Abroad - 12h

Operating effectively in an international context means developing new management and global leadership skills.

Module 1

Effectiveness program - 4h

Making the best use of your time despite unforeseen events and time differences, obtaining the right information, communicating with the parent company and your bosses, and communicating effectively in a foreign context.

Objective: to achieve your goals.

Module 2

Team Work Effectiveness program - 4h

From taking account of the cultural dimensions involved to making the most of the assets found in a multicultural team, setting up effective collaborations and managing a virtual team. 

Objective: to create team spirit in a multicultural team.

Module 3

Change Navigator program - 4h

Establishing a more people-oriented vision of change, sharing it and having it accepted. Using international experience and multicultural awareness as levers to navigate change in a global, complex world. 

Objective: to be able to integrate change – strategic development.