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podcast Amelia Rönnblom
#14 Amelia Rönnblom around the globe

I am hosting Amelia Rönnblom. Amelia is Swedish and navigates around the globe as a First Officer on cruise ships.

From Sweden where she was born to Finland where she studied, she then settled for two years in the south of Belgium near Luxembourg. She has now moved to Spain. Very active, sociable and with an entrepreneurial spirit, she created a Luxembourg chapter for the volunteer powered global and local community called Girl Gone International. From then a fantastic human adventure began for her.

Living and working abroad across the oceans has broadened her perspective on life and is part of her journey of self-discovery and others.

What is her work aboard the cruise ship and how she manages her multicultural team, she explains all of that to us in this episode.

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podcast nathalie gricourt
#13 Nathalie Gricourt in London

Today I am hosting Nathalie Gricourt. Nathalie was born in France, she studied marketing in a business school in France and then graphic design in Australia. She has been living in London for 10 years.

Living and working abroad is a big change in a life and is often the start of a long transformational self-journey. It goes with its ups and downs, navigating between challenging times and joyful moments.

Many doors can lead to Entrepreneurship and her international experience revealed unknown parts of herself. Evolving in an unfamiliar environment, she surprised herself to develop projects she would have never thought of before.

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podcast Vladiana Apetroaie
#12 Special anniversary episode

Today we celebrate the first anniversary of the podcast with nine out of the eleven ladies I interviewed this year. We will go around the table to answer four questions:

1) How does living abroad and immersing yourself in other cultures help you grow?

2) How do you think women (all over the world) can express their voices to contribute to a more united world?

3) How can your experiences be a source of motivation or inspiration for other women whether they live abroad or not?

4) Is there any dream you would like to achieve or, any wish for the communities around you in a post-covid world?

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podcast Estefania
#11 Estefanía Martín, from Venezuela to Tenerife, from Tenerife to Rome and Antwerp

J’accueille Aujourd’hui Estefanía Martín sur mon podcast Women Abroad. Du Venezuela où elle a grandi jusqu’à Tenerife où elle a commencé ses études universitaires, elle a subi un premier choc culturel. Même langue mais culture différente, elle a dû s’adapter et se faire des amis lui a été difficile. Mais comme souvent c’est le premier pas qui coûte … Une fois que vous avez mentalement élargi vos frontières intérieures, vous devenez plus prêt à voir et à accepter les autres tels qu’ils sont, différents de vous.

Au fur et à mesure qu’elle déroule son histoire, Estefanía devient plus à l’aise de parler de sa passion pour la mode. Ses séjours à Rome et à Anvers ont contribué à modeler les contours de son style comme styliste.

Que nous puissions parfois considérer notre liberté de mouvement comme un droit acquis, Estefania évoque cependant à quel point la sécurité reste un facteur majeur à considérer lorsqu’il s’agit de choisir le pays où elle veut vivre ou voyager.

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podcast Camila Osorio
#10 Camila Osorio in Canada

For the #10 episode I am hosting Camila OSORIO. As a young immigrant, Camila left Colombia to first study in Toronto and then settle and work there.

She is sharing what she has discovered about Canada so far, her perception of its people and the role women play in society.

Immigrating is a learning process. It transcends boundaries and questions life choices beyond the limited time frame of studies or an expatriation mission. What is the value of building relationships when living abroad? Making friends does not mean the same everywhere.

After a few years out of your native country, you sometimes come to realise how infinite possibilities and paths to grow as a person are. Living abroad, away from your usual codes leaves you free to choose your own life.

Que signifie la liberté pour Camila et comment aimerait-elle l’adopter ?

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podcast Cherine Makram
#9 Cherine Makram in Luxembourg

Pour ce 9ème épisode de Women Abroad, je me rebranche sur le Luxembourg, mon pays d’accueil depuis l’été 2018.

J’accueille aujourd’hui Cherine Makram. Née en Egypte, Cherine réside au Luxembourg depuis plusieurs années. Elle nous fait découvrir sa vie d’expatriée au travers le regard de la femme, de l’épouse et de la mère.

Very sincerely she explains the good and challenging moments you can face when living abroad.

However amazing opportunities can also arise for those who accept to open their mind to the unknown and to give a try to out of the box activities.

Because everything happens for a reason, her first expatriation ignites an intentional self-development journey.

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