Diversity, Equity, Inclusion for Women Abroad

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Women Abroad

Françoise Falisse

January 11, 2024

Women's gift for embracing life is an asset to support and foster diversity and inclusion around them more spontaneously, wherever they are.

Women's gift for embracing life is an asset to support and foster diversity and inclusion around them more spontaneously, wherever they are.

I have been dwelling for a long time on how to address Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in relation to women working abroad. Can women’s gift for embracing life be an asset to support, and foster diversity and inclusion around them more spontaneously, wherever they are? I believe they can. 

I am talking about a universal approach, it transcends cultural and geographical differences. I wish women from different cultures would embrace such an approach to a degree it becomes an extension of their being. Equity, Diversity, Inclusion turn into inner convictions. 

But universal does not mean to fit all situations and all people. It’s a new mindset which acknowledges similarities and accepts differences. Looking after a team is rather similar to looking after a family. As a woman, you do not have to be a mom to develop this ability, though it can help. You already possess this ability.


Not all human beings are born equal from a social, economic, sociological, psychological, or political point of view. Equality refers to cultural conceptions of justice, what is fair or unfair, what is right and what is wrong. Every human should be treated equally. The way we judge a situation is through our cultural lens. Equality should elevate all men and women to dignity. But remember, equality does not equal equityThe difference is that you free yourself from prejudice and favouritism and therefore behave more righteously, honestly and fairly.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Women Abroad


Diversity is part of the world we live in. It is found everywhere and in every living being, life itself is diversity. Acknowledging this reality, the natural diversity, is acknowledging people are not all the same. People grow in different environments and therefore develop specific preferences, be it cultural, behavioural, gender related and so on. When they come together, they interact.

The same as planets and galaxies rotate, collide and bump into each other, social interactions also bump into each other and create frictions. It’s normal. Once you accept this, you accept there is space for everyone. We are all connected, and unfair treatment can have an impact on everyone.

In a multicultural team, you need to approach reality from your teammates’ eyes. This view opens a wide variety of different perceptions of the same reality. Living abroad gives you that perspective. 


Inclusion is integration. Inclusion is connection; you look at the world around you in a way it welcomes people around you. You bring out and share your cultural intelligence.

Inclusion goes hand in hand with trust. Trust requires time, energy and sincerity. Giving feedback can clear up misunderstandings. It also requires tact, because receiving feedback depends very much on the cultural context of the other person. Take the time to observe and then act with respect and humility. 

Women carry this amazing instinctive sense of interconnectedness. And when they use their intelligence to serve others, and for a common good, they connect to their intuition. And when women listen to their hearts, equity, diversity, inclusion become common sense, second nature.

Things start to fall into place.

Women therefore own a real asset in promoting a more diverse, equitable and inclusive world. Women are also more sensitive to the balance of things. They can therefore, when they put their mind to it, create greater harmony.

Women living abroad are in a prime position to harness and enhance deeper and more meaningful multicultural collaborations not only in the workplace, in society as a whole. Searching for and creating a more just and inclusive world is the ultimate goal. Nothing else matters.