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#2 Axelle Salvage in Luxembourg

Today we host Axelle Salvage, a young French manager who lives in Luxembourg.

After a degree in geography in Reims followed by a first year of Master’s degree in geopolitics, she then joined the University of Strasbourg, France to pursue her Master’s degree in international relations. In search of a work placement abroad to be completed alternately during her Master 2, she discovers Luxembourg. She joins the Luxembourg Maritime Cluster as an intern at first, then as Assistant Manager.

Axelle explains her career, her acclimatization in Luxembourg and her perception of the country. She also shares her passions, her dreams, her concerns and what she learns about herself in the course of her work. She communicates her desire for travel.

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#1 Vladiana Apetroaie in Belgium

Today for our first episode we are hosting Vladiana Apetroaie. Vladiana is a young Romanian who has been working as website Administrator and E-Learning Developer at the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium since early 2019. After her bachelor degree in European Studies she obtained from the university of Bucharest, Romania, she got a Master’s degree in Anthropology/Migration and Minorities followed by a University Certificate in social sciences at the University of Leuven, Belgium.

Our paths crossed on internet about five years ago when I was still in Belgium. What had struck me about her was her passionate nature. She explains to us how it all started for her in Belgium, how she perceives the country, how our mental representations can positively or negatively impact our perception of people of another culture.

She presents her learning experience from a very holistic stand point and tells us how she has grown as a person from studying, living and working abroad.

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